10 Reasons Why You Must Consider Edmark N4S (Enforce)

  1. Sugar can damage your heart.
  2. Sugar increases the risk of diabetes.
  3. Sugar is the true silent killer .
  4. Sugar maybe linked to cancer production and may affect cancer survival.
  5. Sugar increases stress .
  6. Sugar and alcohol have similar toxic liver effects on the body .
  7. Sugar may sap your brain power.
  8. Sugar causes tooth decay.
  9. Sugar accelerates aging.
  10. Sugar can make you fat.

Just one drop of Edmark N4S is 600 times sweeter than normal sugar .Edmark’s N4S is of Zero calories, Zero carbohydrates. It’s good for diabetic patient. If someone is fat due to too much intake of sugar, the person can benefit from our Edmark’s N4S. Prevents tooth decay .Enhances taste. Good for cooking and baking. Children and adults best sugar alternative is Edmark’s N4S.

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