Can Phones Destroy Our Eyes ?

Can Phones Destroy Our Eyes?

Sure, long days spent in holding your phone, tablet close to your eyes and sitting in front of your computer could be the reason you’re experiencing eye strain, neck and shoulder pain, dry eyes, or blurred vision.

Look at it this way: a study earlier this year from the American Academy of Optometry found that working for just two hours on a laptop caused a significant increase in eye pain and vision problems. So even though 70 per cent of people surveyed by the Vision Council refused to admit that their screen time might be messing with their eyes. Those who spend 8-plus hour workdays in front of computers, or who catch up on our reading on tablets, or who are constantly checking their email on smartphones, have got to be feeling the strain.

You are probably well versed in the dangers associated with using cell phones. However, new research suggests that cellphone screen-light may do long-term damage to your eyes that could lead to blindness!

What can we do to protect our eyes, short of getting rid of our cell phones, computers, tablets, and televisions?

The first step is admitting that we have a problem. From there, experts recommend some easy ways to protect your eyes during media binges:

1. Reduce glare by cleaning your screen and making sure it’s the most brightly glowing thing in the room. Try not to use your smartphone in direct sunlight. Also, grey backgrounds are easier on your eyes than white.

2. Sit at arm’s length away from your computer screen. We recommend the “high-five test”: if you can’t properly high-five your computer screen (full arm extension is key) you’re sitting too close. The screen shouldn’t be tilted and should be positioned right below eye level.

3. Remind yourself to blink. Screens have a way of making you forget to do that.
Take what we call a “20-20-20 break”: Every 20 minutes, give yourself 20 seconds to check out what’s going on 20 feet away from you.

4. Consider buying a pair of glasses made specifically for computer use.

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