Edmark Edcoin Cryptocurrency Investments


Edmark Edcoin Cryptocurrency Investments.
Do you know in 2009 you could buy 1 Bitcoin at $0.0007 (7cent)? Most people heard about it but rejected it and by September 2017 bitcoin was sold at $1000 per BTC and many people never took it serious including me. Today the Price is over $4,000 for 1 BITCOIN. What was sold 0.0007$
The same thing that will happen to EDCOIN. From my research, EDCOIN will appreciate more than Bitcoin.
EDCOIN is an opportunity that will make everyone wealthy millionaires! An investment that allows your money to work for you, even while you sleep!
EDCOIN is a digital asset or money designed to work as a medium of exchange that is going to change the world and many lives.
I will tell you why. KEEP READING
For those of you who have not been paying attention to one of the biggest trends in investing and technology, Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies using encryption techniques that regulate the generation of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Units of currency are created through a process referred to as mining.
In the case of Bitcoin, miners run computer programs in order to verify the data that creates a complete transaction history of all Bitcoin. This process of verification is made possible by a technology known as the Block chain, which is used to create irreversible and traceable transactions. Once a miner has verified the data, (which comes in a block, hence, Block chain), they are rewarded with some amount of digital currency, the same currency for which they were verifying the transaction history. So mining Bitcoin, for example, would earn you Bitcoin.
Cryptocurrencies are experiencing a moment of unprecedented attention and speculation for a number of reasons:

  • The value of Bitcoin has been steadily climbing through 2017, with EDCOIN seemingly poised to overtake the cryptocurrency giant (Bitcoin) any day!
  • Blockchain Technology has uses above and beyond Cryptocurrency, and has been hailed by some as the backbone of the future financial system.
  • There is an increasing number of people who see Cryptocurrency as a form of investment, similar to gold.
    Decentralized Cryptocurrency such as EDCOIN, would provide an outlet for personal wealth that is beyond restriction and confiscation.

*WHY EDCOIN (Edmark Coin) ?

  • In the next few years, we are going to see national governments take large steps towards instituting a cashless society where people transact using centralized digital currencies. Simultaneously, the decentralized Cryptocurrencies that some even view as harder money, will see increased use from all sectors.” – Caleb Chen
  • If the trend continues, the average person will not be able to afford to purchase one whole Bitcoin in 2 years, hence EDCOIN.
  • As global economies inflate and markets exhibit signs of recession, the world will turn to Cryptocurrency as a hedge against fiat turmoil and an escape against capital controls. Cryptocurrency is the way out, and Cryptocurrency as a whole is never going away! It is going to grow in use and acceptance as it matures.” –
    Brad Mills: Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Why You Should Buy / Store EDCOIN Now.
Zero Risk
EDMARK delivers its promises since inception
EDMARK already owns an Ecosystem
EDMARK has an existing Community of 1.6million Active Distributors
EDMARK has Market Presence in over 30 Countries
EDMARK has over 50 Branch Offices Worldwide
EDMARK is an Internationally Recognized Brand
EDMARK was Incorporated on 7th June, 1984
EDMARK’s Business Interests: Manufacturing, Real Estate Development, Mobile Cashless Payment Tech, and now Crpyto System
EDMARK already owns an Economy

Below are the Investment Packages:

$100 worth of EDCOIN

Important Notes
Founders’ Club is fully subscribed!
First Level, known as Private Pre-Sale, will start on 7th December, 2018, and only opened to Registered Distributors of EDMARK.
People at this Level buy:
1EDC = 0.12USD.
I recommend you register with EDMARK, so you can enjoy this offer.
The Second Level, known as Pre-Sale, will be reopened by 31st May, 2019 to Registered Distributors, but at a higher rate:
1EDC = 0.16USD
The Third Level, known as Pre-ICO, will be opened by 1st November, 2019, to the General Public (Non-Edmarkers) at the rate of:
1EDC = 0.20USD
Finally, by 1st December, 2019, EDCOIN will be listed globally in the Exchanger. At this point, nobody can control the value again. Just Like Bitcoin, not even EDMARK as a Company,
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