Edmark Ghana Launches Café Black Power and N4S(Enforce)

Edmark Ghana Soon Launches Café Black Power and N4S(Enforce)

Edmark Café Power Black brought coffee to the next level: tempting aroma, bold and rich flavours, all distinctly blended the healthy Edmark way.
Café Power Black is another delicious coffee variant you’ve got to try. It boosts immune system. Ganoderma blended with the best quality coffee beans, no artificial coloring, flavouring or preservative. Oxygenates the body and balances the body’s natural pH level, supports blood circulation and rejuvenates cell, plus it reduces blood pressure.

The exclusive media launch would also feature N4s which is made from sucralose. It’s a calorie-free sugar substitute. N4s is an alternative sweetener [perfect for diabetics] which is up to 800 times sweeter than sugar. Valued for having no bitter aftertaste, sucralose-based products are found in a broad range of lower-calorie foods, including table top sweeteners, fizzy drinks, chewing gum, baking mixes, breakfast cereals and salad dressings.

The exclusive media event would be  graced by executives from Edmark International, who would be sharing with the media the rich history and vision of the company for the Ghanaians and international market

Edmark Ghana  is committed in distributing quality-tasty and healthy products for Ghanaiansv consumers.
With top quality products like Troika, Café Power Black and N4s, coffee can now be enjoyed and savoured anytime, anywhere. The variants offer something for the different palates be it for new coffee drinkers or avid lovers of coffee.

For more information on Edmark and its products, please call +233245885280 / +233201364957 or visit www.edmarker.com

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