Frequently asked questions about Edmark Troika.

Frequently asked questions about Edmark Troika.

There are several questions that customers normally ask about our products especially troika. The frequent ones are those we have answered.

Buy Edmark Troika For Men and Women

Q. What is the side effect of Troika?
Ans. Troika has no side effect, and it has been approved by FDA, NAFDAC. Troika is manufactured under, GMP, HACCP and ISO22000.

Q. What age range is Troika effective for?
Ans. Troika is effective for any Age even 70+

Q. Aside Troika do you have any product that can enhance my sexual performance?
Ans. Yes, we have, Edmark Ginseng Coffee,  Café 73, Cappuccino, café power black and Edmark Shakeoff but it is advisable to buy the Troika and any other together so as to get the desired result.

Q. Do I have to keep using these supplements always?
Ans. You only have to use this solution once to Cure Premature Ejaculation

Q. What is the dosage/ how do I use Troika.
Ans. Take 1 SACHET in the morning and in the evening.

Q. Can I start having sex immediately as soon as I start using these supplements?
Ans. Consumers of Troika normally experience good results after 3 days, We advise you stay away from sex for the first 3 days of taking this supplement.

Q. What if I mistakenly have sex during the first 3days?
Ans. This does no harm at all, But it is better you stay away from sex so the supplement can take its full course.

Q.  Is Troika only for men?
Ans. No, Troika is for both men and women.

Q. How can I buy Troika?

Ans. Call/Text/Whatsapp +233245885280 or +233201364957 to place your orders. Distance is not a problem.

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