Postpone Your Funeral Date Campaign Part 3


Last week a Starbow aircraft skidded off the tarmac and 5 passengers sustained minor injuries. The passengers have indicated that they will sue the operators of Starbow. No one wants to die.
A jumbo jet on the average carries 500 passengers. Imagine one jumbo jet in the US crushing daily and killing all on board. Will the press, public or even the government keep quiet over it? No. But something similar is happening in America and they are mute. About three jumbo jets crush in the US each day and they are dead mute. No ‘demo’, no law suits. Why?
Statistics (from CDC) indicate that 6300 000 Americans die each year of heart attack representing at least three jumbo jets crushing each day. Every 40 seconds the statistics reveal, one American suffers heart attack. That is pretty serious in spite of the medical advancement in the US. The cost of heart attack is about $200 billion each year.Ghana is not different. For 10 years now the leading cause of death among adults in our major hospitals is heart attack. Our dear ones are dying suddenly and we appear helpless. But we can do something. Let identify the killer and culprits and take remedial action immediately.
The killer is our DINNING TABLE and the culprits are FATS and CHOLESTEROL. Together with calcium they form plaques which narrow, harden and clog the blood vessels (arteries) as shown in the picture creating problems for the system.
Dr. Paul Dudley White an American Physician and Cardiologist said “Heart diseases before age 80 IS OUR FAULT or God’s fault, or nature’s will.” I agree with him.
Have your cholesterol level and Triglyceride levels checked today. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes or obese, please bring them under control. If you heart pains , please report it to your doctor. Smokers have a higher risk of heart attack so please stop smoking. Be careful which oil you use and stop taking cholesterol as your body produces enough for you.
A decision to return to a plant based diet will help resolve and reverse heart attack problem. See pictures. Just as you won’t shut up if a jumbo jet crushes daily so should you not keep quiet over these lifestyle deaths.

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