How can I prepare apapransa?

Apapransa is one of the healthiest Ghanaian foods yet few has heard about it. It is a typical cottage or village food. Apapransa is a delicious combination of cornmeal and palmnut soup. This dish is perfect for the adventerous type. Enriched with numerous health benefits, it also supports a healthy lifestyle. Prepare yourself a plate with this recipe.

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▪-Palm nut extract
▪-Dried fish( Any preferred meat can be added)
▪-Crab( as in the traditional way of garnishing the meal)
▪-Roasted cornmeal flour
▪-Veg ( onions, pepper, ginger, garlic, tomatoes)
▪-Salt and seasons of choice

Cooking steps:

-prepare the meat or fish to be used

-season with your choice of seasons, add blended onions+garlic+ginger if preferred

-Add salt to tatse
-Allow meat/fish to steam for about 5-10 min
-Blend tomatoes and pepper and (more onions for flavour optional )
-Add to the steamed meat
-Dilute palm nut extract with warm water and bring to a boil.
-Dilute and melt the palm extract in warm water.
-Strain the palm nut extract to meat.
-Add crab after about 5 mins.
-Allow soup to boil/ cook for 15- 25min Normally ready when the palm oil separates to the top. Also,taste to see if the fresh taste of the palm is completely gone.

Palm nut soup ready, proceed to Apapransa preparation:

-Scoop about 8 ladles into a separate saucepan
-Add about 9-10 table spoons of the cornmeal gradually and a spoonful at a time, stirring the mixture at the same time and continuously till desired pasty texture achieved and all lumps completely dissolved.
-Add a scoop of soup and allow to steam for a couple of minutes.
-Serve into your bowl, garnishing with the crab on top, and enjoy.
Can serve about 3 people.

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