How true is this?: ”Most nutritious foods aren’t always the ones with great taste”.

How true is this statement?: ”Most nutritious foods aren’t always the ones with great taste” There are many foods that taste great, but aren’t nutritious at all. Then there are nutritious foods that just taste bad. How do you keep the balance between the two? Do you prioritize taste over nutrition? Most of us know what we should eat more of and what we should avoid.

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Many of us will not eat what doesn’t taste nice to us but should our taste (tongue) alone determine what we should eat or avoid? In as much as we want to enjoy the foods we eat, should we choose our foods for the sole purpose of enjoyment or we should eat for nutrition? I strongly believe that we must first eat for nutrition and then enjoyment in that order. But that is not usually the case. That is why obesity is on the rise the world over.

I recently visited a very good friend who had lots of dandelion leaves coming up in his backyard garden. I told him about the immense health benefits of dandelion and encouraged him to eat them but he told me he was not a ‘goat’ to eat leaves. Like my friend, I have equally met a lot of people who tell me they don’t like vegetables for example because it doesn’t taste great. For others, it wasn’t something they grew up eating so they don’t see the need to introduce vegetables into their daily meals. Vegetables may not taste great but they contain the perfect micro-nutrients the body needs to grow properly.

I didn’t grow up eating or liking vegetables either but now, it has become the main part of my meals. Acquiring the taste for vegetables didn’t come easy for me though but like anything, as long as you stick to it, it becomes easier. Now, I love vegetables. Same with whole wheat bread and other healthy foods. I believe we can stay away from the doctors and change how we look by simply eating nutritious meals.

There are tons of foods I have completely eliminated from my food list or reduced their intake drastically. From red meat to pastries including pies, chips and cakes, soft drinks, sweets, beer, pizzas, and many others. All these foods taste great but I realized they are too processed and not nutritious at all. I only ate them for ‘temporal enjoyment in my mouth’ and what was the result? An obesity problem that almost took away my esteem, confidence, and life.

So the next time you put any food or drink into your mouth, pause for a second and ask yourself; “Is this the best food choice to satisfy my hunger?” “Am I eating this food for nutrition or taste?” Because the truth is, if you’re eating more for taste alone, you may struggle with your weight if you don’t have an active lifestyle and a natural taste for healthy foods.

Let me conclude this piece with one of my favourite quotes; “Beware of brief delight and lasting shame”. Remember, unhealthy foods may bring you brief delight (enjoyment in your mouth) but lasting shame (obesity and its associated diseases – diabetes, gout, stroke, blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, cancers, etc.).

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