Nkwadaa Borode3 spiritual and health benefits

Nkwadaa Borode3 spiritual and health benefits

This plant is locally called nkwadaa borɔdeɛ. It mostly grow in tropical areas of Africa and other tropical areas of the world. It has both medicinal properties as well as spiritual use or importance.

When the leaves are boiled and drunk, it removes any form of body odor from the individual.

Our ancestors squeezed the Sap of the leaves of this plant together with heliotrope leaves to remove cataract in only four days.

The dried root of this plant is the second most powerful part to removing loss of appetite when chewed by the patient.

Bathing, burning the roots of this plant releases powerful vibrations from Venus in 38 minutes to help one find a job, get good luck in ones undertakings, good interpersonal relationship, removing evil eye and promoting good interpersonal relationship. It is ruled by Jupiter to the second house under the 4th seal of the first nation of the ancestral plane. You can also take the leaves in your pocket to do the above.

It’s also used to release or deliver someone who is being attack by spiritual forces like witchcraft etc. You squeeze the fresh leaves into a bucket of water and take a shower with it without using a soap at a trash dump, leaving behind the bad energy at the dump site.

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