The Most Pleasant Soup Every Ghanaian Woman Should Know How To Prepare.( Kontomire Abunuabunu)

The Most Pleasant Soup Every Ghanaian Woman Should Know How To Prepare. ( Kontomire Abunuabunu)

Kontomire Abunuabunu is not the most pleasant looking soup but one of the most nutritious soup Ghana has to offer. Here is a fast version for everyone especially to families that care about what they eat.

4 big leafy Kontomire (Cocoyam leaves)
Dried Tilapia
Tolobeef (salted beef)
Smoked Mackerel
Adwene ( Smoked Catfish)
Kwahu Nsusua (Turkey Berries)
Green pepper
All-purpose spices
Ginger powder
1 onion bulb
Half a medium sized

1. Cook dried fishes with vegetables and salted beef ( salted beef gives an amazing flavour to the soup, you can substitute for momoni or koobi

2. Add ginger powder and Ghanaian all-purpose spice to the season.

3. This is to steam fishes and vegetables.

4. Remove boiled fish to prevent it from ‘breaking’

5. Add washed kontomire leaves and Kwahu Nsusua ( aka turkey berries) into a broth

6. Remove vegetables when soft and blend.

7. Pour vegetable purée in broth and taste to season. Add salt to adjust. Salt is not originally added because of the toolo beef.

8. When the vegetable is cooked, add back protein and smoked mackerel.

Enjoy with fufu or rice. Read to learn: How to prepare waakye, one of the Ghanaian most cherished foods

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