Postpone Your Funeral Date Campaign (Part 2)


By Charles Wompiah,Health Advocacy Campaigner.

Yes, you can choose to live longer
Epidemiology ( the study of disease differences in the world populations) for the past ten years or more has revealed the SECRET as to why people are dying.

The statistics are there and the visible evidences are clear. I am sure you can testify that you saw your friend ‘yesterday’ or gave him a call and ‘today’ you got the news that he is dead. Are you different or ….? Think Twice.

The epidemiology has revealed that most of the modern killer diseases are largely lifestyle related.
They are basically diseases of the affluence. (don’t think you are not one)

1. Too much eating (especially bad and unhealthy food)
2. Too much drinking of alcohol or soda
3. Too little exercise
4. Too much smoking (Thank God many Ghanaians don’t smoke cigarette these days but what about other stuffs?)

Please be informed today that the medical system in this country(Ghana)is set up to TREAT SYMPTOMS from the above lifestyles. Instead of the symptoms, why don’t you look at the root cause and deal with it?

It is TIME to talk about the CAUSES and that is what this campaign is all about.

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