Postpone Your Funeral Date Campaign World Diabetes Day(Part 3)


By Charles Wompiah, Health Advocacy Campaigner.
(Yes, you can choose to live longer)
The world marks diabetes day today (November 14, 2017) which focuses on women. Theme: Women and diabetes; our right to healthy future.
Facts about diabetes
1. About 500 million people in the world have diabetes with over 200 million being women. The number has quadrupled since1980. Four times these numbers have pre-diabetes.
2. It is one of the leading causes of deaths and amputations in many countries.
3. There are 3 types of diabetes; Type 1(90%), Type 2 (5%) and gestational diabetes (5%)..
4. 8 out of 10 people with diabetes develop eye problems.
5. A diabetic patient is 18 times more likely to get kidney damage.
6. Diabetes promotes atherosclerosis (narrowing and hardening of blood vessels) putting one at high risk of strokes and heart attack
My main concern is with Type 2 diabetes or non-insulin dependent type which set in when one gets older and fatter and can be prevented. The type 2 diabetes patient has a normal pancreas and enough insulin but something blocks the insulin from working effectively and it is believed to be excess fat in diet and liver.
Now here is the proof. James Anderson, MD, Professor emeritus of Medicine and clinical nutrition at the University Of Kentucky College Of Medicine gave lean healthy men 65% fat diet and in two week they got mild diabetes. He fed a similar group with 10% fat diet plus one pound of sugar each day and for 11 weeks and none got diabetes. What does this proof to you?. He is now the chairman of the National Fiber Council in the US. When will such a council (fiber in diet) be formed in Ghana. By the way in 1921, they used starvation as the method of treatment of diabetes and it was successful.
1. Lower your daily FAT, oil and grease intake to less than 10% of total calories. Stay off sugar, soda and snacks.
2. Lose weight if your BMI is over 25 as OBESITY is a major risk factor.
3. Eat NATURAL food and stay off refined or processed food. Eat fiber-rich foods. Stay away from fruit juices and takes the natural fresh whole fruits and vegetables. Take less polished rice and white bread. Eat more wheat bread and unpolished local rice and other cereals.
4. Active physical EXERCISE is important. If you are diabetic please do brisk walking just after your meal.

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